The Boss

Monty is our part time cuddle monster.

Born in June 2016 he hasn’t much experience yet but knows how to play…


Enjoys: Eating and playing

Hates: The vacuum

Most likely to say: Woof Woof


Vehicle Security & Technical Manager

Viv has over 14 years experience as an Auto Electrician – It’s hard to believe looking at the picture!

Viv has been working within the motor trade since the year 2000 immediately after completing a four year electromechanical engineering apprenticeship. Giving Viv 15 years hands on experience working on many technical automotive projects within the community. His experience spans a broad range of vehicle types giving him the upper hand when it comes to the more tricky types of vehicle.


Enjoys: Squash, Golfing, Cycling and watching Football

Hates: Rain and losing golf balls (this never happens!!)

Most likely to say: Is the kettle on?

nick bush 2


Vehicle Upgrade Specialist

Nick’s motor trade experience pans over 18 years. He commenced life after school by completing an electrical engineering qualification passing with honours. He has since worked for UK’s leading Car Hi-Fi chain eventually becoming the regional manager. His experience and knowledge is second to none, the ability to reel off part numbers and specifications is truly impressive! He is always up for a pop quiz!


Enjoys: The 2 C’s – Coffee and Cigarettes.

Hates: A dirty workshop & wet socks

Most likely to say: I need a cigarette



Accounts and Administration

Sam looks after all the behind the scenes activities (including some top tea making!) to help make our day to day operations seamless. A key member to the team – the string to our bow some would say.


Enjoys: Shopping (what girl doesn’t)

Hates: Lateness……she keeps tabs on us all

Most likely to say: I’m popping to the shops



Towing and Audio Manager

Craig is our Towing and Audio Manager with over 21 years’ experience in the motor trade. Craig left school to undertake a vehicle bodywork and car painting apprenticeship. On completing this became a fantastic paint sprayer but after 6 years painting he decided to make a career change and trained as a vehicle installation technician. Craig has never looked back and took to vehicle electrics like ducks to water. Craig has now worked for Automotive Control for over 7 years.


Enjoys: Relaxing with the family

Hates: Being hungry!

Most likely to say: I’m Hungry, is it lunchtime?


Car Window Tinting Expert

Steve has been tinting car windows since leaving school and enjoys nothing more than this. He has a fantastic eye for detail which is very important for his role as Window Tinter.


Enjoys: Football

Hates: Spiders (the wimp)

Most likely to say: Sorry I’m late (Sam scowls)

Steve Tinter


Mobile Installations Technician

Jullian has over 22 years’ experience within the motor trade always working within the audio and security sector.
He has now worked as a mobile engineer for the last 10 years specialising in security, tracking and HGV’ vehicles.


Enjoys: Relaxing with his feet up

Hates: Wind and Rain!

Most likely to say: What’s the weather like today?