Bluetooth Handsfree Installations

Automotive Control Bristol are Bluetooth car phone installers certified by Parrot. Automotive Control install various Bluetooth systems compatible with all cars, vans and HGV vehicles. We have handsfree solutions for both 12 volt and 24 volt vehicles.

Bluetooth car kits do not require a headset to be worn and the wireless technology makes phone handling in the car more convenient. Just leave your phone in your pocket or bag, turn the ignition key and you’re ready to make, take or reject calls while driving using voice control or the the control panel we fit. We can often upgrade your OE radio to interface with bluetooth giving you the ultimate OE look, feel and operation.

We offer several types of kit, the main difference between our systems is the type of operating panel. Some have no display, others are mono and top of the range car phones have full colour display. Most of the top brands like Parrot, THB & iO are also equipped with full music integrated play back options normally using apples iPod port, SD card or 3.5mm jack.

Button only Bluetooth kits

Our basic kits come without a caller display just a small control panel (approx size, 50p piece) this means viewing the caller is only possible if you have your phone situated on the dashboard or somewhere visible from your driving position. You simply use the control panel to answer, reject and adjust the call volume.

LCD display Bluetooth kits

More advanced Bluetooth systems have a mono LCD display. This enables you to view who is calling before you decide to answer. You can access your phone book and customise sound and display settings.

Colour display Bluetooth kits

Our most advanced systems have a full colour display. Some have detachable screens and others have touchscreen, others require operation from a wireless remote steering wheel control. Most full colour Bluetooth systems have phone book entry, voice control, text message viewing, caller log. Some of these functions will depend on your phone.

Bluetooth with music interface

Most of is quickly get fed up with the radio this is why high end bluetooth kits now come with the ability to stream music direct from an audio device via bluetooth audio or a physical jack, usb or iPhone port for crisp clear sound.

Your favorite songs, artists or play lists can be accessed using the systems menu just like an iPod or auxiliary music player. We strongly recommend the Parrot Mk range, in-particular the Parrot Mki9200 which uses a fantastic 2.4″ colour display. Visit for a full specification.

Automotive Control can install, service and repair most car phone and Blue tooth products, listed below are just a handful of systems that we service, such as THB Bury, Parrot CK3100, Bury cv 9040, Nokia CK-7W, Parrot 3200LS, Nokia CK-600, Parrot Mki9200, 3000 evolution, Nokia 810, Parrot mk6000, Sony Ericsson hcb-400, iO talk1 Bluetooth, Motorola t605, Nokia ck-20w, Nokia original ck-300, Parrot sk4000 motorcycle, Bury cc 9060, Bluetooth, Parrot Blue tooth, Mr Hands-free, Take & Talk, Jabra Bluetooth, Sony Ericsson hca-60, Brodit, Smart bracker, Dashmount, Motorola hf850, car phone kits, nsv, parrot asteroid mini, parrot asteroid