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Car Parking Sensors & Parking Aids

Automotive Control offer a car and van parking sensor fitting service offering workshop and mobile installations. Many of us have driven a friend or colleague’s vehicle that has parking sensors and lets be honest, it is impressive.

If you haven’t got sensors fitted call us for a quote, you will be amazed at our low prices. We have Parking Sensor solutions for all vehicles, here are a few examples of the systems we offer:

  • Front Parking assist
  • Rear Parking assist
  • Rubber mounted parking sensors for metal bumpers
  • Angled sensor kits for commercial vehicles
  • 2 sensor kit for small cars (i.e Smart Car)
  • Flush mounted OE specification reversing sensors
  • Integrated Volkswagen parking systems
  • 4 & 6 sensor kits for average to large executive card
  • HGV Corner detection systems
  • AACDS Front Corner Detection Systems
  • AASDS Side Detection System

Our PDC (park distance control) Systems come with and without an optional display. The display option allows you to view the range or distance to a specific object that you are approaching. The display can be dash mounted or rear parcel shelf / rear headlining mounted. The audible buzzer is always mounted behind a trim panel thus not upsetting the vehicles cosmetics.

Flush Fitting Parking Sensors:

Many modern cars like Mercedes and Audi use a flush fitting sensor, which gives an overall smaller and neater appearance. Mounting Points for the sensors are behind the bumper, removal of the vehicles front or rear bumper is compulsory. Please see photo of red Audi and white VW.

Push through Sensors:

Most commonly used throughout the trade. Once we have aligned and drilled the bumper holes the sensor is clipped into the bumper from the outside. Our Cobra sensors have a very small lip giving a very discreet fitting. Please see photo of the black Kia where we mounted non colour coded parking sensors into the front bumper. Please note these particular sensors have since been replaced superseded with a more compact sensor with a smaller diameter and lip edges.

Factory OE Integration:

We are also able to integrate factory fitted radio displays and sometimes audio systems to give a real OE level parking product. We can integrate with most modern Volkswagen systems. This radio system is from a VW Passat with a RNS510 and retrofitted front and rear parking sensors.

Parking Sensor Installation:

Most parking systems can be installed without the removal of your bumper, however on some occasions it is unavoidable. All wiring & control boxes are completely hidden away, the only parts you may see after installation will be a Piezo buzzer or the dashboard display. The rear parking systems are automatically operated when you put the vehicle into reverse gear. Front parking sensors can be operated via a dashboard mounted switch or through a special timer relay which activates automatically for 30seconds every time the reverse gear is selected. Parking Sensor Installation Bristol - Book Today