Parrot Certified Installers

Parrot Certified Installers (CIP)

Automotive Control are certified installers for all Parrot car phone systems and entertainment systems.
Visit to find out more about certified parrot installers in Bristol and Bath.

We offer full Parrot customer service and product support for the entire range including software upgrades, demonstrations, upgrades and all installations.

Software Updates:

We are equipped to upgrade all Parrot systems including the CK 3100 and CK3000 evolution models at our workshop in Bristol so if you are experiencing any technical glitches or phone compatibility problems its likely an update will fix the fault. Its also worth checking kit-phone compatibility via the following link:

Making and receiving phones calls in the car without a ­hands-free kit is not only illegal and dangerous, it can also prove extremely expensive. A fine and points on one’s driving license are the penalty that has to be paid when caught driving at the same time as holding a mobile phone to one’s ear.

Even worse: if the driver has an accident when using the mobile phone, the insurer can refuse liability for the damage caused. For this reason alone, it is recommended that a state-of-the-art hands-free kit be fitted in the vehicle of any driver who either wants or has to use a mobile phone during the journey.

Automotive Control’s car phones are fully fitted & compatible with all types of cars, vans and HGV vehicles and all fully fitted car kits CAN be removed from vehicle to vehicle with no damage or marking of the vehicle dashboard.
Parrot Certified Installers