Enhance your car or motorhome security system:

At Automotive Control our Car and Vehicle alarm systems can be designed and installed to suit your specific needs. Listed below are just a few of the accessories that can easily be added on to your alarm system when installed or even at a later date. The reliability of your alarm system will not be jeopardized by installing additional security accessories, but only if installed and correctly set up.

Please note when adding additional sensors to your alarm it is very important to set-up correctly, too sensitive will cause unwanted false alarms and if not sensitive enough you will not achieve the level of protection you should!

Optional sensors and what they do:

Heat Motion / Microwave Sensor

Ideal for cars with a soft top roof, once covertly installed the microwave sensor will create an invisible bubble around the area that it is fitted. This type of sensor is excellent for protecting the living space in motor homes and the rear of vans/HGV vehicles. This type of sensor can be manually turned on/off via a manual switch (perfect for alarms on motorhomes. campers and campervans).

Tilt Sensor

Upon activating your alarm the tilt sensor will set according to the angle in which the vehicle is parked, any change in angle (i.e. vehicle being jacked up) will cause the full alarm to trigger.

Tilt sensors are excellent for protecting expensive alloys wheels. With security systems becoming more advanced it is not uncommon for vehicles to be stolen by it being loaded onto a flat bed truck and driven away, the sensor would trigger a fault alert the moment it detects the tilt, this will hopefully save your vehicle being stolen.

Shock / Impact Sensor

A shock sensor will protect your vehicle from an exterior impact’s, i.e- somebody tampering with your door locks, smashing glass or stealing body parts like spoilers.

The vibration caused upon impact will trigger the alarm into action this gives a high level of preventative security. Multiple sensors can be installed to cover specific areas like a tailgate sensor to protect your car audio equipment or a lone senor will give all round even protection. For large commercial vehicles it is recommended to have more than one shock sensor fitted.

Nudge Sensor

Very similar to the impact sensor but generally installed as part of a motorcycle alarm system.

Glass Break Sensors

The Glass Break sensor is fine tuned to detect the exact frequency of glass breaking, extremely reliable and will give a full alarm trigger if glass is broken on the vehicle.

Dual Prox / Warn Away Chirp System

The dual proximity sensor creates two invisible bubbles (similar to the Heat Motion Sensor) one inside the other outside. If the internal bubble is broken the alarm is triggered.
If the outer bubble is broken (i.e somebody loitering) we can program the alarm to fully trigger or to send off an audible warning chirp. This system can prevent damage to a vehicle in the first instance.

Ultrasonic Sensors

The most common sensors, often standard with most vehicle alarm systems. Mainly used on hard top vehicles not convertibles. If a car window/roof is left down/open it will cause a false alarm (not suitable for convertibles). All doors & windows need to be closed for this system to work without false alarms.

Creating better presence:

Additional Siren

Adding an extra siren to your alarm system will draw much more attention in the event of an alarm. We also advise to have a 6-tone siren installed, this emits 6 different alarm sounds which helps attract even more attention in the event of a full alarm trigger.

Extra flashing lights / LED’s

We recommend putting alarm stickers in every window but to also help we can install extra LED (light emitting diode) flashing lights to act as a warn away.

Additional Comfort Features:

Window Closure

Great for the summer months, walk away and set your alarm to watch your windows and/or sunroof close automatically. 2 or 4 windows closures plus even the sunroof can be shut on certain vehicles.

Folding Wing Mirrors

Activate your alarm and simultaneously your electrics mirrors will fold in!

Remote Start

Why not start your car from inside your house without taking a foot outside. Great for warming engines/heaters in the winter ready for your journey. Both the Clifford 5904X and 5704x are a perfect choice!

Central Locking

If your car, van or motor home is not already fitted with central locking then we can install it. We install ‘slave motors’ into the doors and can connect to an alarm or remote locking device. This is very straight forward and quite a cost effective upgrade. Very popular with Vauxhalls and Volkswagen’s, like VW T4 transporters, Golf gti’s and Corsa’s / astra’s. This includes sliding doors, barn van doors and tailgates!

Remote Central Locking (RCL)

Provided your vehicle is fitted with central locking we can electronically wire into the system and operate it from a remote key fob to give you full remote locking.

This can be done using a remote locking device (no alarm) or as part of an alarm system. Some vehicles with factory fitted central locking still need additional parts fitted in order to have RCL operative. Quite common on import vehicles like the Subaru Impreza, Nissan Skyline, Mazda Bongo and Mazda RX-7.

Turbo Timer

This allows your engine and turbo to cool down after a run. The alarm system can still be activated and doors locked then after a predetermined time (normally 2 minutes) the vehicle will stop and automatically immobiliser itself.