Car Light Upgrades

Xenon, HID & Daytime Running Car Light Upgrade

Brighten the roads ahead with Car light upgrades. We can retrofit your car, van, camper or truck with interior and exterior bulb and LED (light emitting diode) upgrades using aftermarket or manufacturers specific equipment. A Car Light Upgrade will often modernise the look of your car often giving it a younger look too.

Daytime Running Lights

DRL’s have become a legal requirement for all type approved vehicles manufactured after February 2011. The Daytime Running Lights will automatically illuminate when you start your engine in all light conditions.

This will provide more awareness for pedestrians and other road users for oncoming vehicles. The lights come in various styles but are usually LED and around 6000k in colour. Often situated under the cars headlights or lower in the bumper near the grill area.

Xenon Headlight Upgrade

Xenon/HID (high intensity discharge) vehicle headlights have been a popular upgrade since BMW have been factory fitting their prestige cars with these super bright clear white lights that give a blue/purple effect when oncoming or approaching you from behind.

We can upgrade your cars standard bulbs to a gas charged HID kit giving a much brighter light for dipped headlights. We also offer a bi-zenon kit giving your xenon lighting for both dipped and main beam.

Interior Footwell/Puddle Lights

Light up the floor when you open your car door, or use to illuminate the footwell in your vehicle. We have super bright coloured led lights and projected shadow lights with manufacturers or custom logos. These are great for show cars or just showing off!

Interior Van Lighting

Commercial led, strip or fluorescent lighting to illuminate your campervan, motorhome or commercial vehicles interior, various different styles to choose from. We can wire the lights through a dashboard, rear or factory mounted switch.

Our preferred choice is LED lighting due to its very low current draw on your main or leisure battery.