Window Tinting Bristol

You can be assured that Automotive Control are leaders for Window Tinting Bristol.
Dedicated to supplying you with the highest quality professional window film products on the market today, installed to the highest standards by our professional car window tinter.

Providing much more than just good looks and cool comfort, our range of automotive Window Films will deliver benefits beyond your expectations.

Range Rover Sport without car window tints

Range Rover sport window tint before     Range Rover sport window tint tailgate before

Range Rover Sport with 35% window tints

Range Rover sport window tint     Range Rover sport window tint tailgate

For Security…

Adding window tint to your car will certainly improve the security level.
By holding shattered glass together this makes the typical smash and grab very difficult. Even a light window film will darken the interior of your car which helps hide valuables and keeps prying eyes away! External vision is still very good.
For additional vehicle security see here


Vehicle manufacturers often install factory tinted glass into cars, not just BMW, Audi’s and Mercedes but everyday cars like Citroen and Ford as well.
This has created a huge demand for window tinting on used cars. The tint modernises the overall look of the car giving privacy for passengers too.


We all know UV (ultra violet) rays can effect our skin and subsequently our health. Window Tint has been proven to reduce UV rays creating a safer environment for you and your passengers. In hot, stuffy car dogs can't cool down. Leaving a window open or sun-shield on your windows won't keep your car cool enough. When it is just 22 ºC (72º F) outside, the temperature inside a car can soar to 47º C (117º F) or higher. Window film will protect your pet from heat exhaustion and dehydration all year around

Shades and Colours:

Generally black but also available in reflective silver the tint comes in a variety of shades. The shades are given a percentage rating which determines how much light is passed through the tinted window.

For example 10% tint blocks 90% light giving a very dark shade, also known as limo black. 70% tint only blocks 30% giving a much lighter shade. Many new vehicles already come with front windows that are on or near the legal limit.


Most car windows are tinted whilst mounted in the vehicle. Often interior trim needs to be loosened or removed to give better access to the whole window section. For Example doors cards are often removed.

Window tinting Bristol takes between 2 and 4 hours for the rear sides and back windscreen depending on the vehicle, however window tinting can not be rushed so we recommend you leave your car with us most of the day.

Please contact us for your individual Window Tinting Bristol quotation on 0117 908 0708