Heated Seats Upgrade

In Car Heated Seat Upgrade (Front and/or Rear)

Have you ever considered upgrading your car seats to be HEATED..??

Fitting heated seats will certainly take the chill off any seat whether its a chilly winter morning or a fresh summer evening. We can install to fabric, leather and half leather.

Automotive Control can retrofit heated car seats for you in our Bristol workshop. Typically two or four pads are fitted per seat covering both vertical and horizontal seat sections. The seats are operated from a simple low/high/off toggle switch or a variable switch giving a heat range between 30 and 70 Celsius.

We can often integrate the heated seats into a factory heated seat console switch (purchased direct from main dealer) which will give a factory look.

The images below are of a BMW Mini being fitted with a retrofitted heated seat upgrade. We installed the switch in the plastic trim of each seat. Shortly after the photos were taken we separated the upper and lower seat sections then began removing the leather trim from the seat giving us the access we needed. Heated Seats Upgrade

Do you dislike the feeling of sitting on cold seats?

If you have ever had a vehicle with factory fitted heated seats, it’s one of the first things you miss when the new car doesn’t have them. Even if you’ve never had them they are an amazing addition to any vehicle.

Here at Automotive Control we now have the solution to this. We offer a couple of different options depending on the budget. Each seat kit comprises of either a single (base or back) or twin (base and back) heat pad with either an On/Off switch or variable switch with 4 different heat settings.

The beauty of this product is you can buy a single seat kit if you just want the drivers seat to be heated, or two kits for both front seats