Protect your car……Stolen Vehicle GPS Tracker

Automotive Control offer specialist services for the supply and installation of Insurance approved tracking systems and Thatcham approved tracking.

All our Tracker systems are Thatcham approved and covertly installed into your vehicle. We are trained and certified to install the highest level Thatcham cat s5 tracking systems for maximum protection for the most prestige and un-replaceable vehicles.

We always recommended that your vehicle already supports a Category 2 immobiliser.

Your local thatcham category s5 approved tracker installers.

Insurance and Thatcham Approved Tracking Systems are split into two categories (previously there were three, Cat 5, Cat 6 and Cat 7).

  • Category s5 High Risk
  • Category 7 Meduim to Low Risk

A Stolen Vehicle Recovery Systems (SVR) is another name used for approved tracking systems, they have been designed to aid Police recover stolen vehicles. A SVR tracker is often an insurance requirement for prestige and rare vehicles. It is also a peace of mind for car enthusiasts with rare or modified vehicles.

Key Facts:

  • Tracker installations are totally covert
  • All Tracker wiring is blended into the vehicle and original car loom
  • A tracker can be installed anywhere within the vehicle even under the bonnet
  • Trackers can vary is size, shape & colour
  • All trackers are subscription based, payable annually or one-off lifetime payment

We offer several different thatcham tracking systems, all are insurance approved but can vary in specification, such as:

  • UK or European coverage (or both)
  • Fixed or transferable from vehicle to vehicle
  • 12 or 24 volt systems
  • Fixed or roaming GSM networks
  • Online mapping and location service

We recommend you speak with one of our experts who can advise you accordingly depending on your vehicle and particular circumstances.

Call us 0117 908 0708 for expert advice

Automotive Control security installations are performed by ‘thatcham recognised installers’. This means Automotive Control are approved to be fitting high grade insurance and thatcham approved vehicle security systems such as category 1 alarms systems, category 2 immobiliser systems, category 2-1 upgrade alarm systems.
Automotive Control install, service and repair most vehicle security products, listed below are just a handfull of systems that we service and install Scorpiontrack ST50, Cobra Trak Plus, Tracker Retrieve, Cobra Trak Q, RAC Trafficmaster, Tracker Response, Cobra Trak, Scorpion autotxt, Tracker Monitor, Cobra Attivo, Tracker Horizon, Cobra A2113, Smartrack, Navtrak, Cobra first, cobra tracker, Tracker Locate Tracker, Cobra, Trackstar, Caravan Tracker, Cobra Trak-q, tracker system installer, tracker system installation, tracking system fitting, tracking system fitters. Cobratrak 5, Thatcham Mototrak motorcycle tracking and installation, Scorpion tracker fitting, Utrack Smartrack, insurance coverboxes, insurance pay as you go systems, tracker response, cat 5