Vehicle Asset/Fleet management

(VAM) systems have been designed to aid businesses maintain knowledge of the whereabouts of all vehicles within in their fleet at any particular moment 24 hours a day using the latest GPS technology.

There is strictly no link or involvement with the Police or any other authorities however the vehicle tracker could be useful to help pin point police to the vehicle in the event of a theft, GPS is accurate to 5 metres!

All vehicle information can be viewed on-line via any internet web browser or mobile device. With this ‘live’ data there are lots of interactive features that your company can benefit from, such as:
  • Monitor the location of your fleet on a map
  • Record/Log running & non running times
  • Daily, Weekly, monthly, quartlery etc reports
  • Reduce telecommunications with drivers
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Improve driving behaviorism
  • Mileage reports
  • Over speed warning alerts
  • Internal and external geo-fencing
  • Improved customer service

Generally two purchasing options:
1) Outright Purchase – vehicle asset management units are purchased upfront with low on-going fees
2) Leasing – units can be leased over 2-5 years, this spreads costs evenly over a fixed term.

Fleet management systems

These systems can be covertly installed into any 12 & 24 volt vehicle, thus being discreet from any staff members. We can configure individual user tags so you know exactly which member of staff is driving the vehicle at anytime – very useful when running ‘pool’ vehicles.

Door Entry Swipe Systems

A great way to gain full control over drivers and management of a vehicle. Vehicles are booked online using a internet based software package and drivers signed up to the scheme will have their own swipe card. The cards only become active within the allocated booking period.

The ever popular city car clubs use this type of system. This system is very useful for companies/associations with multiple drivers using multiple vehicles.

Typical applications:

  • Companies operating a HGV fleet
  • Business’s with mobile engineers
  • Companies hiring vehicles/equipment
  • Delivery business’s
  • Emergency services

Please contact us for further information and product specific guides accompanied with relevant case studies.