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What is an Engine Tuning Box

Put simply a Engine Tuning box is an easy-to-install device that can be incorporated into your engine bay to boost your engine's power, torque and fuel efficiency. All of our tuning boxes connect securely to your engine and work in parallel with your Engine Control Unit (ECU)

How does it work?

A digital tuning box system from TDI Tuning is similar in size to that of a mobile phone.

Vehicle specific software is loaded onto the tuning box itself, once combined with the correct connection harness to match the required engine’s sensors the tuning box system is ready to be plugged into the engine.

Diesel Engines:

In the vast majority of cases we make engine fueling and turbo boost changes to optimize engine performance. On some more recent vehicles we now need to control additional turbo chargers and make changes relevant to engine speed (RPM).

Petrol Engines:

Due to the nature of how petrol engines function we need forced induction, e.g. a turbo charger to release the additional power modern turbo charged engines are capable of. We make boost changes whether that be to one or two boost related sensors. Again as with diesel tuning we can where required use engine speed (RPM) to govern the performance changes we make.

Installation and Warranty

Installation and removal is exceptionally straight forward. This system has been engineered to ensure that even customers with no mechanical experience can install this system themselves in under 5 minutes. To make things even easier, this system is completely “Plug & Play” ensuring there are absolutely no cables to be cut. We also only use Genuine OEM connectors to guarantee easy installation.

The 3 year warranty is a fully comprehensive product warranty, meaning any faults in operation of the product derived from a hardware fault or software error as a result of fair and typical use will be resolved by us free of charge under the warranty. The warranty does not cover any faults your engine may develop as these will not be a result of tuning box use

Here is an example of typical figures based a tuning box being installed to a BMW 325d Diesel Engine: